A.S. Degree in Nursing



Orlando Medical Institute (OMI) has been approved by the Board of Nursing to provide an Associate’s Degree in Nursing

Our nursing program is fully accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools. Upon successful completion of the program our students receive an Associate of Science Degree in Nursing, which enables graduates to apply for the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN). Upon successful completion of this examination, the Registered Nurse (RN) License is achieved.


(Students should obtain a current application packet for the complete listing of entry requirements)

  1. Complete and submit OMI Student Application to the Office of Admissions and Records.
  2. Submit all previous school transcripts (including high school/GED and all previous colleges) to the Office of Admissions for evaluation.
    • May submit unofficial transcripts for immediate review however OFFICIALS ARE REQUIRED two (2) weeks prior to the first day of class.
  3. Students applying for admission to the Nursing Program are required to take an entrance exam HESI A2. The HESI A2 is a multiple-choice assessment of basic academic knowledge in reading comprehension, mathematics, grammar, vocabulary and personality profile. Students have four hours to complete the five sections. Test results are available immediately after completion of the exam. Content and sub-content areas are divided in the following manner:
    • Reading: (50 items) – section includes questions regarding identifying the main idea, identifying supporting details, finding the meaning of words in context, identifying a writer’s purpose and tone, distinguishing between fact and opinion, making logical inferences and summarizing.
    • Math: (50 items) – section includes questions regarding metric conversions/measurement, fractions, decimals, general math (adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing), percentages, and ratio/proportion.
*Please be aware that calculators are NOT allowed*
    • Grammar: (50 items) – section includes questions regarding parts of speech (nouns, pronouns, verb, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, interjections), usage (sentence structure, subject-verb agreement, verb tenses) and common grammatical mistakes.
    • Vocabulary: (50 items) – section includes questions regarding general words and health profession terms.
    • Personality Profile*HESI A2 exams taken at other institutions will be accepted with an overall cut score of 58.7% or higher if it was completed within one year.
  4. Students applying for the accelerated track must have the following additional requirements:
    • Must hold a current LPN or Paramedic license.
    • Must take and pass a Fundamental of Nursing written and skills exams prepare and administer by OMI with a minimum score of 77% and must also take and pass a Basic Pharmacology (Dosage Calculation) written exam prepare and administer by OMI with a minimum score of 77%.
    • Students who do not meet the 77% on each exam must take an OMI prepared Refresher course or courses at their own cost
  5. The following general education courses are required and must be completed two weeks prior to the start of the program. *A
    *minimum grade of “C” must be achieved in each course**

    • English Composition I (3 credits)
    • College Algebra (3 credits)
    • Human Anatomy & Physiology I w/Lab (4 credits)
    • Human Anatomy & Physiology II w/lab (4 credits)
    • Microbiology (3 credits)
    • Fundamentals of Speech (3 credits)
    • General Psychology (3 credits)
    • Nutrition for the Health Professional (3 credits)
    • General Chemistry with Lab (4 credits)

    *All general education courses can be taken at OMI, a community college, or university. Generally, academic credits from other accredited institutions are accepted by OMI if a grade of “C” or higher was earned. There is no time limit for acceptance of academic credits. Advanced placement, credit by examination, and the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) are other ways to meet these requirements.

  6. Students will be required to provide the following medical information and records:
    • Current Physical Exam (within the current year of the program start date)
    • Proof of Hepatitis B series or signed declination form
    • Current TB/PPD (within the current year of the program start date)
    • Proof of Varicella immunity via blood titer within the current year of the program start date
    • If immunity is not shown student must get booster with a subsequent titer to test for immunity again.
    • Proof of immunity to Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR) via blood titer within the current year of the program start date
    • If immunity is not shown student must get booster with a subsequent titer to test for immunity again.
    • Proof of Flu current seasonal Influenza vaccination yearly.
  7. Please be advised that students will be required to keep all medical records and vaccinations up to date throughout the program. Failure to do so will result in the inability to participate in clinical activities and subsequent removal from the program.
  8. Students must provide proof of Health Care Insurance.
  9. An initial Criminal Background Check and Drug Screening will be conducted prior to enrollment and repeated at any time throughout enrollment in the nursing program as per the policies of clinical affiliates. Criminal findings may disqualify enrollment into the nursing program. Clinical affiliates at times implement standard protocols for educational purposes. Students are responsible for any fees associated with the screening process.
  10. Admission into the nursing program is a selective process. Satisfaction of minimum requirements does not automatically guarantee admission. When space is limited, preference may be given to students with the highest qualifications. Qualification Points will include but are not limited to the following:
    • HESI A2
    • Pre-requisite GPA
    • Previous healthcare experience
    • Interview with the Director of Nursing Education


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