The paramedic is the highest level of prehospital care provider and the leader of the prehospital care team. As a member of the allied health professions, the paramedic is highly regarded by society. The roles and responsibilities of the paramedic are diverse and encompass the disciplines of health care, public health, and public safety. As a paramedic, you may work for a fire department, private ambulance service, third city service, hospital, police department, or other operation. Regardless of the type of service you work for, you will be an essential component in the continuum of care. Emerging roles and responsibilities for the 21st century paramedic include public education, health promotion, and participation in injury and illness prevention programs.

Our Paramedic program is 1146 hours (10 months) of class room lecture/labs and clinical internship. The paramedic program hours consist of 546 didactic and lab hours, 264 hours of hospital clinical time (including ER, Rescue/EMS, OB, Pediatrics), and 336 hours of rescue/ambulance externship. During the paramedic program the student’s will utilize the most current textbooks and workbooks. The program will emphasize skills and knowledge needed to be trained as an Advanced Life Support provider.

OMI will ensure that the program and the staff are providing the most current instructional theory and practices to our students and meet or exceed the state of Florida and/or National Registry Paramedic certificate requirements.


Schedule Type 1
Monday / 1pm – 5pm
Tuesday (6pm – 10pm) & Thursday (1pm – 5pm)
Friday / 6pm – 10pm

Schedule Type 2 / Wednesday only program
9am – 6pm with a lunch break.

Schedule Type 3 / Saturday only program
9am – 6pm with a lunch break.


The deadline to register for any of the Paramedic classes will be two weeks from the start date of the course. All of your admission requirements should be turned in, and your initial deposit should be made by this deadline.

There is a mandatory orientation class prior to course start date!




6220 S. Orange Blossom Trail, Suite 410/420
Orlando, Florida 32809

Phone: (407) 251-0007